Welcome to the baramundi Community

Here you can exchange information with other members on topics related to the baramundi Management Suite. baramundi provides product announcements, news, and support at its own discretion.
We expect that all users will take care to treat each other with courtesy and respect. However, we would like to share our community rules with you to keep this platform inspiring, proactive, and trustworthy.

Get Involved

Registration for the community is only possible for users of the baramundi Management Suite (customers, partners, and interested parties). This way, we promote a professional environment for all baramundi users.

Stay Friendly

Make sure you use a friendly and polite tone.

Stay On Topic

Please always refer to a topic with your posts. If your post is off-topic, check if this topic is already being discussed or create a new topic.

Do Not Blame

Express your opinion and share your experiences with other members and baramundi. Always respect the diversity of opinions and be open to other discussions and views. We are happy to accept constructive criticism, but please always express it in a substantive, comprehensible manner and without abusive criticism.

Privacy Is Important To Us

This community is private. Registered members can post, share, comment, etc. Thus, any member can read the information shared in the community. Please be careful not to disclose any personal and private data or confidential information about your company or IT environment.

Do Not Offend Anyone

Political, sexist, and racist posts/statements/links, insults, and abusive criticism are prohibited. This also applies to profile pictures and representations in general. Illegal posts calling for criminal acts and glorification of violent acts, will not be allowed and will be reported. Links to other sites can be shared. However, if they violate our community guidelines, they will be removed.

No Product Placement Or Product Bashing

Posts intended to hurt the market chances of specific products or vendors -whether "manufacturer bullying" or "manufacturer pushing" - are not allowed.

Be Sincere

Publishing individual or private messages of other members and/or employees of baramundi (e.g. support tickets) without their consent and their contributions that violate the copyright of others is not permitted. Therefore, please always consider possible copyrights when sharing videos, images, or posts. Text shared on your behalf must be authored by you or approved for public distribution, or correctly quoted.

Take Action

If you notice posts that violate our community rules or if you receive inappropriate messages, feel free to bring them to our attention. For posts, you can do this directly from the post in question. Click on the bottom right of a post and on "Report". We will investigate complaints and act appropriately.

Contact Us With Questions

baramundi monitors the community during known business hours and is authorized to move posts to sub-forums or delete them if necessary. If you need support directly from baramundi or are looking for an exchange, please contact the people you know or contact baramundi support via

Although we hope it will not be necessary, we reserve the right to delete content that violates our community rules and to temporarily exclude or even remove members from the community who repeatedly and in particularly serious cases disregard our above rules.

Your baramundi Team